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What to Do After Suffering A Sports Injury

With regular physical activity, the probability of injury is increased and should you, unfortunately, suffer from a sprain in your ankle or hamstring you need to know the immediate steps to take to avoid further damage. Our physiotherapists in Newcastle can help you treat injuries, rehabilitate and get back to the sporting activities you love.

The P.R.I.C.E protocol involves four steps that need to be taken after you have hurt yourself and are important in ensuring you get back to full health quickly and easily.

P- Protection

This step should be taken at all times to not only help after a strain but to also help avoid injury. This involves maintaining hydration, stretching before and after exercise and wearing the correct footwear.

R- Rest

Allowing any injury time to heal is essential. Soldering on and trying to ‘run off’ an injury can often make things worse and delay the healing process. Our physiotherapists in Newcastle can consult and inform you of the right amount of rest time for your particular injury.


Pain and inflammation can be significantly reduced by applying an ice pack or frozen peas onto the injury. Ice the area immediately for up to 20 minutes and then every 3-4 hours until you are able to meet with one of our physiotherapists to analyse the issue.


Compression of the swollen area using an elasticated bandage can help to reduce the swelling and control the spread into the surrounding areas. Ensure the bandage has room to stretch and doesn’t compromise blood flow to the area.


Elevating the injury above the head can reduce blood flow to the area, reduce swelling and in conjunction with the cold compression can reduce pain.

To ensure you are treating the area with the correct care book an appointment today. Our team of expert physiotherapists are skilled at diagnosing, treating and preventing sports injuries. Call us on 0191 284 9111 or click here.

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