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Pilates Classes Newcastle

15 weekly class - All taught by Expert Physio's.

Classes ONLY taught by Expert Physio's

8000 classes taught

15 weekly classes

12 per class

6 Physio's  

Join us today to walk taller, run faster, cycle longer, and get fitter, flexible and stronger!

Over 185 people enjoy our Physio-led Pilates classes every week.

In every class we are looking after you on a deeper level. We guarantee you will receive the highest quality bespoke, Specialist Physio-led tuition, ensuring you are performing to your maximum in every class.

Our policy is to only allow highly qualified Senior Physiotherapists to teach the classes, this ensures we are able to adapt any exercise for any problem for any person.

We are the only Pilates studio in the North- East that has this level of expertise in each and every class! Our classes will never go above 12 people, as this would decrease the focus and attention from the teaching Physiotherapist. 

If you’re interested then you can book your FREE taster session by emailing

With regards to Pilates:

  • Pilates is just the name of a clever fella!
  • There is no core! (Click here if you want to know the reality of the mythical core)
  • There are no miracles!
  • We are exercise experts!
  • 185+ people every week know it gets results!

Book in and start getting stronger today!

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Better by 5

Welcoming everyone to Gosforth Physio

We welcome everyone, with our members ranging from 15 years old to 80, there are absolutely no limits to who can participate in our Pilates classes.

All too often, there’s a misconception that these exercises are suited only to young women. But, with the England football and Rugby squads and professional athletes like David Beckham, Sir Mo Farah, Andy Murry and Heavyweight World Champion Anthony Joshua partaking in Pilates, we’re on a mission to debunk that myth. If you have a body and the want to make a long-term positive change, just give us a call today. You do not have to be an expert to start feeling the benefits! We welcome newcomers and offer beginners Pilates classes to ease you in gently.

We teach beginners with every pain imaginable: pre and post new knees and hips, pre and post back and shoulder surgery (even the surgeons are in our classes!), or scoliosis. All the way through to the elite international gymnastics teams at Newcastle Gymnastics.

As we said, there are no miracles. You do the correct exercises, that are correct for YOU, correctly and repeatedly for months and months, gradually increasing the numbers and resistance. It's called effort and if you put it in you will get the result you are looking for.

The entire Physio-Pilates team are an army of professional bum kickers. Our favourite saying of Mo Farah’s is ‘it never gets easier you just get stronger.'

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness you will only ever receive expert instruction from highly qualified Specialist Senior Physios with extensive training in anatomy and functional movement, sports injuries, Pilates and pain neurobiology.

We are the only Pilates studio in the North of England to have a dedicated App, allowing you to move classes and catch up classes when YOU want!

We also don’t believe in penalising you for missing a class - we’ve all got busy lives to lead. We give you 12 weeks to make that missed class up! 

Our team are highly qualified APPI trained expert Physios. This ensures you will always peform the best exercises correctly and safely.

We guarantee we will never allow anyone but EXPERT Pilates trained Physios to teach our Newcastle Pilates classes.



What do our customers say?
We have many new and returning customers that love the service we provide.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the expert tuition provided by Kevin. Around 2 years ago and after a series of unexplained back injuries going back many years I had extreme difficult walking for more than 10-15mins. This seriously impacted on both my home and work life and I was in a bad state physically and mentally. With Kevin's expert guidance, I have fully recovered and am now fitter and stronger than I have been since my University days (a long time ago) - I even managed the GNR in a reasonable time. I believe that starting and now continuing Pilates as a routine part of life has significantly minimised the frequency and severity of 'bad back' episodes, consequently saving me £100s in physio bills!

Ian Ward Gosforth
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Newcastle Pilates Classes
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Pilates Classes
Better by 5

Over 90% of our patients get ‘Better by 5’ sessions.

If you need any of our physiotherapy, sports injury, sports massage or acupuncture services, you should see and feel a real difference by the end of your fifth session.

If, on the other hand, there is no improvement in your clinical condition or in the way you feel – we STOP after the fifth session. At that point, we reassess the reasons why there has been no apparent improvement and, if necessary, we can organise scans and letters to GP's and Consultants. You can be sure that we will never continue treating you unless there is a positive benefit – and only when you (and we) agree on your treatment plan.

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