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We are very proud of our 5 Star service. All of our testimonials are 100% genuine (and NEVER asked for!) from people who have appreciated our help. We thank you for the time and effort writing in them.  Gosforth Physio & Wellness, Clinical Director, Kevin Kennedy

I had an assessment at Gosforth Physio yesterday. I am usually very sceptical regarding the physio companies but they have been superb with me. Jamie and Kevin have been very patient and kind with me finding the cause of my problem that I have not been able to fix for months. At the end also I had a fantastic chat Italy. Everyone is so professional and friendly and I look forward for my next session.

Man Fanteam Newcastle

I went to Gosforth Physio and Wellness to have my shoulder assessed following about a year of niggling pain. Kevin carried a very thorough assessment and by the end of the session I knew the diagnosis, where I was in the healing process and what was needed to be done to fix it. James advised me that for this to work it had to be an active process on both our parts. Due to the chronicity of the problem he advised between 5-7 sessions but that if we weren’t seeing an improvement we would wrap things up or explore other options. 6 sessions on and I am discharged with a much better shoulder and strong home exercise programme. Thanks for the help! Highly recommend this clinic.

Michael Ward Gosforth

Thanks so much sorted my tennis elbow with dry needling and after many years of suffering plantar Fasciitis he sorted that too.  Put faith in this guy as he really can make you better.

Martin Garland MD, Newcastle

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the expert tuition provided by Kevin. Around 2 years ago and after a series of unexplained back injuries going back many years I had extreme difficult walking for more than 10-15mins. This seriously impacted on both my home and work life and I was in a bad state physically and mentally. With Kevin's expert guidance, I have fully recovered and am now fitter and stronger than I have been since my University days (a long time ago) - I even managed the GNR in a reasonable time. I believe that starting and now continuing Pilates as a routine part of life has significantly minimised the frequency and severity of 'bad back' episodes, consequently saving me £100s in physio bills!

Ian Ward Gosforth

I have been to Pilates classes before, but this is the best by a mile. Kevin,Jess and Eythan are without doubt the best instructors I have ever had! The classes are small 8-10 max and the exercisers tailored personally to my needs and level. I am now running and playing cricket pain free for the first time in 2 years. The studio is beautifully clean, light, fully equipped and all classes run by top level physios at the top of their game.

Alex Gabriel Doctor, Whitley Bay

After battling back pain for a couple of months I decided to make an appointment. On the first consultation they took his time to take a full history of what had happened and when. He told me what he thought it was that I had done. After 5 sessions it was still bothering me so James wrote to my GP asking if I could be referred for an MRI. Having just recently received the results of this, they were correct with the initial diagnosis from that very first consultation! I cannot thank James enough for all he has done. I recommend Gosforth physio & wellness hugely! Thank you!

Lauren Herriott Whitley Bay

I’d like to say thank you to Dean for going the extra mile, not only did he follow up from an initial consultation but provided a complementary appointment a few weeks later along with a plan and set of  exercises.

Gill Mason Newcastle

Knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to understand.

A.K. Newcastle
Physiotherapy Services

I had been suffering headaches on and off for many months which were steadily worsening. On a recommendation I booked to see Kevin unsure of how physiotherapy could really help my head.

After a very detailed assessment Kevin explained exactly how pain actually works (fascinating!), where my headaches were stemming from and that I need not worry as no damage was happening to me. This was a great relief as I had been imagining the worst!

After only four treatments of acupuncture, hands on therapy and exercises I was completely pain free. I only wish I had known about Kevin sooner as he really is an expert who cares.

Kelly Ashmoor Pharmacist, London

I had been having problems with my knee. Self- medicating was essentially just hiding the problem. All that I was doing by way of trying to put things right was in fact simply making things worse.

If I had known then what I know now… anyway on a friend’s recommendation I went along to see Kevin expecting the cash register to ring, and for some crumpled bespectacled old grim faced self righteous person to be there, nagging me about my excesses and the harm I was doing to myself, and to stop, despite it being one of my main sources of pleasure.

Dave Elliott Newcastle

Kevin has treated me for neck and back pain and I found these sessions really effective. He is an extremely skilled physio, and is dedicated to getting patients back to activity and pain free! He is passionate about treating patients holistically and his approach to treatment really works!

D.Holmes GP Newcastle

I've had chronic shoulder pain for over 20 years and have seen many physiotherapists during this time. It has always been a reoccurring problem. I've since had several phyisio appointments with Kevin along with Pilates, and I've noticed a huge improvement with long lasting relief. I think the difference with Kevin is his holistic approach. He has vast knowledge in many areas of health, fitness, wellness and phyisio and is keen to share his knowledge to ensure the best treatment for his clients. The Pilates classes are fantastic and are usually tailored to each individuals needs, which is great. I've recommended Gosforth Wellness and Phyisio to my friends and family as whatever your needs/requirements it's all there in one place.

A M Director, Newcastle

Excellent! Kevin has so much knowledge in his area and I got the impression that he was able to cure any ailment! Strongly recommended.

Will Horseman Music Student, London

After visiting numerous physios, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors over the last 2 years right across the country to deal with an ongoing chronic neck and back problem, I finally found Gosforth physio. Finally Kevin has given me first diagnosis and his approach to finding the source of pain and not simply fixing the symptoms is incredibly refreshing after months of frustration and pain. If you live in the Newcastle area and live with a chronic pain problem or are undecided as to whether to see someone or exactly who to see, with whatever problem you have, I have no doubt Kevin will be able to treat your issue at its source and get you back to being healthy as soon as possible. Could not recommend highly enough!

Charlie Glenster Student, Newcastle
Sports Injury Clinic Newcastle

I developed hip, knee and back pain after taking up long distance running. It got to the point where I was unable to do any running at all and I was very frustrated. I contacted Kevin and was able to be reviewed very quickly. He took a very thorough history of my symptoms and also performed a very detailed examination. Kevin has a broad range of experience and I was really pleased that he identified the problem almost immediately. After one session, I already noted a marked improvement and I was able to go back to regular running not long afterwards. Kevin was extremely professional and compassionate throughout my treatment. I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Dr S Chattree Gosforth, Newcastle

I had very painful calves and Achilles tendonitis from running and high intensity training that were so painful they hurt when I walked upstairs. A friend recommended Kevin who saw me, assessed me, diagnosed me and started treating me immediately. He initially dry-needled me; although it was not nice at the time, after three session I had no pain going up stairs any more. Two further sessions of hands-on therapy and an exercise programme and I was back to my best (actually better!). Top man who knows his game.

M Phelan Fireman in Forest Hall, Newcastle

As a professional dancer Kevin understands my (unique) problems and works miracles in order to keep me dancing and at my peak, going above and beyond. I work in London but still travel back home for treatment. Highly recommended!!!

Laura Ann Williams Professional Dance. London
Sports Massage Newcastle

Resolved a series of niggling issues that had been getting worse as my training sessions progressed … thankfully pain free and ready for my next Marathon thank you.

CB Doctor and Marathon runner

Excellent understanding of what I needed as a long distance runner with great advice on stretches specific to my needs. Knowledgeable, friendly and easy to understand.

AK Office worker and runner
Pilates Newcastle

I’d had a bad back for a while and Pilates seemed to sort it out. When I gave that up it came back with a vengeance and started impacting on my half marathon training. It took just 2 sessions with Kevin to sort me out and I have never looked back since. His straight talking manner plus his efficient and effective treatment was just what I needed to get me back up and training. I would (and do) recommend him to all of my friends and family.

Hesther Wilson Lead Clinical Trials Pharmacist NUTH

I very rarely have any pain now and I can't thank Kevin enough. He has given me a new lease of life. I started the Pilates classes and I have been doing them weekly ever since.

L.G. Gosforth

I also attend Pilates within the clinic which was brand new to me and I have found this to show noticeable improvements in not only my strength but also running technique.

A.R. Newcastle

I have found the Pilates team to be people who really belive in what they are doing, and they are really good at it.

Dan Director, Newcastle

The results speak for themselves. Can't recommend them highly enough!

S.L. Newcastle

Excellent! Great session, good intensity and really can feel a difference each week. Would highly recommend any of Kevin's classes. These are not the dry, dull, slow pilates classes you commonly find available. You will definitely notice the difference and the improvements after each class. Kevin is also quite entertaining with his stories!

Cat Eaton Runner, Newcastle Harriers

I would never have thought therapy would have made such a difference to my life… both personal and the impact it’s had on our family. My anxiety is much better and I continue to use your “quick relaxation methods” you taught me whenever I start to feel nervous. BTW I’m also going abroad this year – who’d have thought you’d have been able to help me get on a plane!? Thanks again, warmest regards…

SK Manchester

Thank you for helping me out of depression. You will never know how much you helped me. I can’t recommend your service enough.

MB Newcastle

A MASSIVE thank you to Kevin for seeing me in on such short notice & patching me up until Monday. Fantastic practice, with Julie on desk who is very and down to earth also.... Can't recommend them highly enough!!

Guillem Crwfrd Newcastle

We are very proud of our 5 Star service. All of our testimonals are 100% genuine (and NEVER asked for!) from people who have appreciated our help. We thank you for the time and effort writing in them.

Gosforth Physio & Wellness, Clinical Director, Kevin Kennedy
Neck Pain Treatment Newcastle

I recently injured my neck and saw Kevin four times in total. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He saw me very promptly and I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and explanation. He was incredibly thorough and I saw a significant improvement after my first session. He gave me useful exercises to perform which also helped and, at the end of my sessions, I felt completely back to normal. Very professional, first class service from the first phone call to discharge.

Andy Consultant Oncologist at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
Pain Treatment Newcastle

I've had chronic pain for approximately 20 years. I've seen several physio's, chiropractors and massage therapists throughout the years with little to nil results. I began seeing Kevin in the summer of 2016 and within a few months the difference in how I felt was like night and day. He would constantly reassess me (as if I was a new patient) instead of sticking with his initial assessment. He took the time to educate me so that I understood what was going on. He's a problem solver and has proven that he can produce results. His compassion and commitment to helping people also echos throughout the staff members of the clinic. Highly recommended......... He also has great hair :)

David Kane Accountant, Gosforth
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