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Core Stability

The Truth of the 'Core' - The term ‘core’ was given primarily to the transverse abdominal muscles (the ones that are under the six pack you always wanted -but never got), basically because it’s in the centre of your body and deeper down. The phrase stuck, but so to unfortunately did the bad science from the early 1990s that supported the notion of the core.

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Lets get to the core of the 'core'!

It would make far more business sense to do the same as the majority of other Pilates instructors or lazy clinicians and tell you that your core is to blame for all of your problems.

You could then spend your life worrying about how you ever managed to get this far, when all the while your miserably weak core was letting you down.

We could then sell the ultimate core strengthening solution to you - Pilates! You could then strengthen your ‘core’ and life would be amazing! Well I would like a head of hair like Elvis (take a look at my picture) - it ain’t happening and neither is your core!

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The term ‘core’ was given primarily to the transverse abdominal muscles (the ones that are under the six pack you always wanted -but never got), basically because it’s in the centre of your body and deeper down. The phrase stuck, but so to unfortunately did the bad science from the early 1990s that supported the notion of the core.

We all went core crazy back in the day! On paper for us Physio's it looked like such a simple answer for such a complex question. How do I eliminate and prevent back pain? Turns out in the last 30 years there has been no actual solid scientific evidence to support the original theories that were perpetuated. (If you want the really sciencey stuff please click on

If you are being told you core is weak-you have to ask what do you mean by this. You will highly likely get some wishy-washy answer that may sound clever and told to pre-engage (tighten you tummy muscles) before you do any movement or exercise!  But the simple truth is that in relation to back pain it does not exist - Its just some muscles in the middle.

An industry then bloomed as everyone was told that their core was weak and there was a solution. The health and Pilates industry thought they had a golden nugget that could eliminate and prevent back pain and made a lot of money. Unfortunately. many personal trainers, Pilates instuctors and clinicians out there are not going to stop perpetuating the myth, as they have built a business on the back it. 

Our business is built on serious science, bio-mechanics, anatomy, exericise expertise and pain knowleged. We must be doing something right in our classes, as with our no 'core' Pilates classes - we have the biggest and best Physio-Led Pilates studio in the North East! We even teach classes to the Newcastle Elite International Gymnastics squads. If they need it  - you can bet you do to!

Don't get me wrong you need to be stong in your deeper abdominals but that alone will not resolve your back pain. And you do not have to keep engaging - setting - zipping up, or however else you have been told tighten your 'core'. In fact over-zealous female athletes have tightened up so much it has led to cases of urinary incontinance problems!

So, what is the answer?

We'll a simplified version is to relax, move and get stronger. Pretty much the opposite of what we are ALL doing. It's why we Physios have work.

You were built to move, we humans have been evolving and moving for more than 3 million years – and now we have sat down en-masse over the last 30 years!

Our sedentary lifestyles lead to weakened muscular systems, stiff joints and, in many cases, pain.

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness we have the antidote: Physio-Led Pilates. In the hands of experienced and expert Physiotherapists, Pilates exercises can be highly benificial for restoring health. decreasing pain, stiffness and stress, while increasing strength, fitness, flexibility and confidence in your body.

Our Physio-Led Pilates are not the ‘generic’ pilates that you’ll find in some fitness studios or in the large-group classes run at your local village hall. It is a unique method of restoring strength, flexibility and function, and is used in the rehabilitation of patients who have had injuries, pain or dysfunction or who require specialist physiotherapy input.

At Gosforth Physio & Wellness you’ll always receive instruction from fully qualified physiotherapists with extensive training in anatomy, functional movement, Pilates and pain neurobiology.

Our team are highly qualified APPI expert Physios. This ensures you will always peform the best exercises correctly and safely. We guarantee we will never allow anyone but EXPERT Pilates trained Physios to teach our Studio and Live Streamed Newcastle Pilates classes. Come along 185+ studio members a week can't be wrong!

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