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A Myth-Busting Guide to Sports Massages

There are many misconceptions about sports massages which stop lots of people with sports injuries from benefitting from one. It’s time to set the record straight.

  1. Athletes only

It’s common to think sports massages are reserved for the more elite athletes amongst us.

Not true.

Lots of people reject the idea of a sports massage because they’re not “serious” athletes. However, sports massages are an excellent and effective way to treat both acute and chronic injury or pain whether it was caused by a light bit of stretching or a 10k run.

That’s why this therapeutic sports massage at Gosforth Physio is available to triathletes and weekend walkers alike.

  • Sports massages are an indulgence

When you think of massages, your first thought is probably scented oils, dimmed lights and calming music, all to help you unwind, relax and forget your worries. While this type of massage does exist, sports massages are less of an indulgence and more of a necessity if you are suffering from any sort of sport related pain.

As well as soothing the effects of repetitive strain, sports massages are also a great way to correct your posture, increase recovery speed and rehabilitate injury, enhance your performance and prevent future injuries.

So, while they are therapeutic, they also have extra benefits compared to a massage you’d get at the spa.

  • It hurts

Many people are put off getting a sports massage because they imagine themselves grimacing in pain as the therapists work on the painful or injured part of the body.

Of course, depending on how severe the injury is will determine whether and how painful a massage can be. However, our therapists at Gosforth Physio are skilled in applying the perfect pressure and techniques to help resolve painful issues in the most pain free way possible.

Feel free to read more about our Sports Massage service in Newcastle for more information. Alternatively,  if you think a Sports Massage at Gosforth Physio might be beneficial to you, you can discuss it with one of our skilled physio therapists during a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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