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Toenail Surgery

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Toenail Surgery?

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If you are suffering from either an Ingrown Toenail, Infected Toenail, Deformed Toenail, Invouted or Painful Toenail -we are here to help you.

Do you want relief from your painful Ingrowing Toenail?

Good news 

Newcastle Podiatry are our expert Podiatrists working here at Gosforth Physio and Wellness. James is highly skilled in the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of toenails.


What is nail surgery? How is it done?

It is a procedure where part or all of your toe-nail is removed. An area of the nail matrix (which grows your nail) is cauterised preventing this portion of your nail from returning.

Will the procedure be painful?

This is always done under a local anaesthetic into the surrounding skin. During the procedure no pain is experienced due to the toe being numb, this often lasts for several hours. You may feel a mild stinging sensation following your procedure, although we often get reports from our clients that they felt nothing at all.

Will I be suitable for nail surgery?

A detailed assessment must be undertaken by our degree qualified and HCPC registered Podiatrist. This is to gather a full medical history and to discuss which procedure is best for you. In some instances, we may not be able to use local anaesthetic if you have had a reaction to them in the past, or may need to write a letter to your GP.

What is the recovery time?​

Following the procedure, you should be pain free immediately This is because it is often the painful hard nail pressing into the skin which is the source of pain. As a section of nail has been removed and skin cauterised, this will create a small wound that takes some time to heal. Depending on your health status and lifestyle, we advise that healing can take anywhere between 2 - 8 weeks. The initial dressing we put on your toe can be fairly bulky, this should get smaller each time it is redressed by the podiatrist. All redressing appointments are at no charge and offered to you by the clinician to monitor healing progress.

If you have any questions about whether nail surgery is right for you, please get in touch and call 07904 681477.

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