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Fungal Nail Treatment

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Fungal Nail Treatment?

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Nail fungi are very easy to catch and can be highly contagious. Traditional topical fungal nail treatments which are available over-the-counter at your pharmacy are effective, but only on certain types of mild infections.

The Lacuna Method is a pain free safe, effective treatment.

Do you want to be free of fungal infection? Good news. Our expert Podiatrist at Gosforth Physio and Wellness is highly skilled in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of fungal nail infection.


The Lacuna Method is an increasingly popular fungal nail treatment. Your podiatrist will use a small drill to painlessly create micro-holes in your damaged, infected nails so that topical fungal nail treatments can better reach your infected nail bed. You should only allow a chiropodist who is officially qualified to use the Lacuna Method on your nails.

These micro-holes will naturally grow out over time, leaving behind a healthier nail. The number and placement of these holes will depend on the size of the nail, the layout, and predicted possible spread of the infection to strategically allow topical anti-fungal treatments through the nail plate.

You should also note that depending on the effectiveness of the treatment more holes may need to be added above the infected nail bed as the holes grow out past it. Also, ensure you hot wash your socks and routinely apply anti-fungal treatments as instructed by your chiropodist.

We offer The Lacuna Method in Gosforth, Newcastle from our safe, clean, and professional clinic.

Fungal nail infection causes.

Fungal nail infections are caused by fungi, dermatophytes andyeast that naturally live on our skin. As trauma to the nail occurs (from footwear or stubbing your toe). fungi can then invade and thrive under the nail plate.

Moist warm environments (our socks and shoes) allow fungi to thrive, causing damage, discolouration leading to thickening of the nail. All nails are vulnerable, however it most commonly affects the big toes.

The infection is notoriously difficult to treat as the nail plate acts as a barrier, shielding the area. This creates the perfect damp and warm environment underneath for bugs to invade and thrive.

It is essential that you have a diagnosis from your podiatrist who will confirm if treatment is appropriate. It may not even be a fungal infection and may be why your home treatment has failed.

There is no treatment that can instantly fix the infected nail. Once the infection has created the damage, we cannot restore that damaged part of the nail.

The goal of fungal nail treatment is to kill any active fungi within the plates of the nail. This then allows the new (fresh) nail to grow out and prevents re-infection.

It typically takes between 6 - 12 months for a big toe-nail to fully grow out.


Fungal nail signs

  • Thickened
  • Crumbly or Brittle
  • Distorted in shape or lifting
  • Nails without a Healthy Shine
  • White, Yellow or Brown Coloured Nails.

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How do I know I have a fungal nail infection?

You may have noticed changes in the colour, quality and texture of your nails. It is typically discovered after nail varnish or gels have been removed.

Typical first signs tend to be brown or yellow discolouration and the nails may become crumbly, brittle, misshapen and distorted, leading to lifting from the nail bed. This leads to the nail losing its healthy shine.

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